Product Information

Due to the supplier shortage issues, we have recently removed all beef menus. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We have removed the hibachi items and side portion of fried rice. Our current menu for the fried rice includes full portions only.

Although we certainly understand individual preferences to make our sushi more enjoyable, but if possible, we ask our customers not to modify the items to significant extent due to the resource constraint issue.

All sushi items come with wasabi, ginger and soy sauce at free of charge.

All other extra sauce is $1.00 per the sauce cup.

All substitution will be charged for $100 for special processing. This is to discourage too many modifications which will slow down all incoming orders, so we ask you for your understanding.

The total exceeding $70 requires pre-payment over the phone. Although most our customers have been terrific and extremely supportive, we had a few who placed massive orders only to let them go to waste. Hope all of us can make this world better altogether continuously.